Hybrids are wizards and witches who share attributes with a certain animal.


A young witch decided she wanted to have the agility and cleverness of a cat, but wanted to keep her human form. She cast a spell on herself, causing her to grow a cat tail and ears. Her friends then helped to expand the race to all kinds of animals.

Differences from Humans

  • If their animal has a tail and/or ears, the hybrid has visible tail and/or ears. They are able to hide them, however.
  • They can turn into their animal. This means they must be registered hybrids at the Ministry.
  • They often gain some attributes that are not physical from their animal, such as cat hybrids, who always land on their feet.


Hybrids can be created, either with the Hybrid Charm(Hybridi whatever animal), or naturally. It is possible, yet uncommon, for a hybrid to be born from human parents. However, they are 75% more likely to be female.

List of Known Hybrids