Gracie Weasley is a half-blood witch and the daughter of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.


Gracie was born at the same time as her twin sister. She was very outgoing in her younger years and had lots of friends. Gracie also discovered a love of basketball, and took it up at eight. She left to learn from her aunt, who played professional basketball. However, she returned in the pilot of Harry Potter Kids.

Physical Appearance

Gracie has a blonde pixie hairdo, a red-and-black basketball jersey, red shorts, and black sneakers. She has blue eyes.


Gracie is the polar opposite of her twin. She likes basketball over sleepovers, shooting hoops over painting nails, and going to the court rather than going on a date. Basically, basketball is her life. She plays pretty much every day, and is a complete tomboy.


Ron Weasley

Gracie and Ron have a normal father-daughter relationship.

Hermione Weasley (nee Granger)

Gracie and Hermione have a normal mother-daughter relationship.

Lauren Weasley

Lauren and Gracie, being twins, are able to tell what the other is thinking. Gracie helps Lauren be more current on Quidditch, and Lauren helps Gracie flirt.

Jack Weasley

Gracie and Jack don't get along. Gracie supports Lauren wholeheartedly when she begins dating Scorpio Malfoy, and doesn't appreciate the language Jack uses to Scorpio's face.

Lyra Weasley

Lyra and Gracie are on an okay relationship. While Lyra sometimes steals Gracie's stuff, and Gracie drives Lyra mad with basketball training, they still get along.

Willow Palomine

Willow is Gracie's basketball partner. They are good friends, sharing secrets Gracie has never told even Lauren.


  • She plays for the Canterbury girls' basketball team.